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I was just talking with someone about what I don’t tolerate from people. And the person responded “I’ll pray for you”. I don’t understand why people feel that we are supposed to just take whatever other people what to do to us. Jesus said cast them out, not tell them it’s ok to do wrong,… Read more “Tolerance?”

Obituary Poem

Do we really know you? You come and you go, you take what you want and grow it into something unrecognizable. Beautiful or scary it’s new and powerful. The life of a man is measured by the content of his character, but weighed by the heart of God.You progress slowly at a rapid pace and… Read more “Obituary Poem”

Covid, Church, Deliverance

I tried not to speak on this topic. God didn’t tell me to give any speeches. This comes from my observations. This Covid time is exposing a lot of people and things going on around us. That includes Christians who are in need of deliverance! (By the end of this, I’d probably lose some followers,… Read more “Covid, Church, Deliverance”


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